Need help with those spontaneous math tests that require sudden concentration? Having trouble talking to that cute boy or girl across the room? Maybe even finding it hard to listen to your parents when they ask you to clean your room? Let our family help you.

Learning karate is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Not only does karate help you learn to defend yourself, but karate helps to improve your focus, your confidence, and your discipline. Learning karate will also improve you competitively.

We hold seasonal tournaments and weekly sparring classes to improve skills both in the ring and in yourself.

We have seen firsthand the benefits that karate has in people. Over the course of our school being open, we have had the opportunity to add 14 new black belts to our organization, including youth and adult ranks.

Getting your black belt, in any system, is a very high achievement. In our system we hold our black-belt tests every six months in Albuquerque, combined with all our sister schools.

Youth and adults work very hard for several years to make it to their black-belt test, and we would like to highlight some of our students who are on track to making it to the December test. Jacob and Izzy Anda are close siblings who started karate back in 2010. They have diligently stuck together through every belt and helped each other along the way. Now they are preparing for their final steps toward black belt. Isabel Anda, or Izzy, is 11 years old, and started karate because she wanted to learn self defense. Now, her main goal is to get her black belt. Izzy’s favorite part of karate is learning all the techniques and the games we play.

Jacob Anda is 9 years old and he started karate because it sounded cool. His main goal in karate is to get his black belt. Jacob’s favorite part of karate is sparring with the other students.

Kyle Conrad has also made great strides on his journey to black belt. He started karate in 2011, and through his passion for karate, he inspired his mom and dad to join. Kyle is also one of our assistant instructors and comes in often to help us teach, hold bags, or file student cards. Kyle is also 11 years old, and he started karate because he didn’t like any other sports. Kyle’s main goal for karate is to get his youth black belt, and then work his way through the system to get his adult black belt.

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