Often times the difference, in fitness, between success and failure is a motivating factor. That motivating factor is the power source that gives a person the necessary emotional tools to achieve goals that were previously unachievable. Sometimes the motivating factor is when a person steps on a scale for the first time in months and sees a number they never EVER wanted to see. Sometimes that factor is a doctor’s warning about health concerns. Sometimes it is caused by bumping into an old flame or the heartbreaking moment when you tear out the butt of your favorite pair of jeans.

Some people need multiple motivating factors to help them achieve health goals. Others need no outside motivation at all. When new members walk into Anytime Fitness, there is usually a specific reason for their sudden appearance. The reasons vary from the soon-to-be-married to the newly divorced, those nervous about trying out for high school football and those in danger of letting their diabetes get out of control. All new members have a reason and need a motivating factor to push them through the tough days.

Some new members have always had their own reasons but are just waiting to find that motivating factor to help them through the days where, in their search for success, found nothing but fitness failure. Here is the story of two members who’ve achieved more success than they ever had before. They found the motivating factor in the form of each other.

When asked why she decided to get a gym membership after waking up one morning in May of 2012, 44-year-old mother and wife Missy said, “I wanted to join a gym as I had recently began a weight loss program by dieting only and felt that it was time to incorporate exercise as well. I was still very self-conscious so I knew it couldn’t be just any gym, so my friend and I started to research the different gyms in the area.” Like so many other people curious about joining a new gym, Missy experienced the same concerns.

So we asked Missy what were some of the things she worried about in regards to joining a new gym. “Well most chain gyms that I had looked at in the past and prior to joining Anytime Fitness gave off a stigma, in my opinion, of not being personalized to an individual’s needs and if you were not in the best shape or overweight you were made to feel almost unwelcome or that you did not fit in to their client base. I needed to have a level of comfort and support from not just the gym staff but also from the members as to keep myself motivated and to not feel intimidated or self-conscious while trying to achieve my goals.”

The friend Missy is referring to is 31-year-old mother and wife Mindy. The two are inseparable, glued together by years of friendship. Each had their own reason to get a gym membership. Mindy “needed to make a lifestyle change which was getting into shape. We both have jobs that require sitting at a desk all day long. My back was my main reason though. I was trying to strengthen my body in hopes of curing some ailments.” What they found was a gym and a staff that could give them the proper tools to achieve their goals, and the motivating factor, each other, to push for the prize. Mindy had a lot of the same hesitations about a new gym, “I was worried about standing out like a sore thumb and feeling like the lazy, weak, out-of-shape sweaty mess that wasn’t going to do anything but chase my tail. And I definitely didn’t want to be around Barbie dolls that were just around to be eye candy. But what do you know, the gym is full of just hard-working wonderful people that are all there for the same thing – improvement.”

As new members, “The Girls”, as Anytime Fitness staff refer to them, received a complimentary fitness evaluation to outline their specific goals and to draw up a game plan to achieve those goals. “We made it through our first workout, barely, but we made it. We realized that we needed to sign up for some personal training sessions. So we did, and have been training once a week with our personal trainer Christian, and also work out on our own several times a week,” says Missy, who since then has dropped a whopping 40 pounds!

In her usual no-nonsense manner, Mindy tells us, “No joke, I say all the time – they [Anytime Fitness Staff] are my second family. They make everyone feel comfortable, welcome. Always there to motivate and let you know your hard work is paying off!” In regards to motivating each other Mindy explains that “Missy is my rock. There are so many days that we both think the same thing when we don’t want to go – we have to go to the gym because the other person needs to go just as bad. Motivation and support, that’s what Missy does for me, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it this far without her.” Like sisters with their responses, Missy let us know that “Mindy is my inspiration and motivation. Whenever one of us is not really feeling “it” for the day, the other one of us is saying ‘Oh yes, suck it up and let’s go!’”

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