Looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy? Then karate might be the thing for you. We have amazingly affordable family packages; your whole family can train for less than $200 a month! Our schedule offers you some flexibility and freedom to choose classes that can fit your family’s daily routine (ages 4+). In addition to karate, we offer a cardio kickboxing class for those looking to just get into shape (ages 15+). Call (520) 572-8669 today for more information!

Our AKKA location, at Twin Peaks and Coachline, has been open for five years, catering to a wide variety of people. We teach Kenpo Karate, a Chinese-based martial art originated by Bodhidharma, and passed down through history to Master Bill Packer. With two additional AKKA locations in Tucson, one on the East at Broadway and Houghton, and the other in Three Points, we hope to introduce as many people as possible to our system. At Twin Peaks our school is family owned, and we believe that families that kick together stick together! Our whole family helps to run the school, and all have been training together for over ten years. Karate has done wonders for our family, and our goal is to share this joy with anyone willing to train.

With classes being the same Monday through Thursday, we hope karate will fit right into your schedule! We offer morning classes if you want to come and train before work, or while your kids are away at school. We also offer evening classes if you want to come after work, or train with your family.

We also offer discounts to firefighters, police officers, and military families. Look us up on Facebook: AKKA Karate USA (Twin Peaks) or our website: www.akkakarateusa.biz 

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