Karate is more than just kicking and punching, it can be a way of life. Our family has been training together for 11 years, and we have all grown so much. We like to think that karate is the reason we all are so close today. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we have been thinking about things we are thankful for. Our family is thankful for the common ground that karate has given us. We are thankful for the part we play in all our students' lives in teaching them something that has touched us so much. Martial artists come from all walks of life. We have police officers, nurses, firemen, engineers, military, teachers, and the list could go on! We love that karate can be a hobby, lifestyle, or activity that can bring everyone together.

Marianne Morrill, the Owner/Head Instructor of AKKA Twin Peaks is an electrical engineer and the mother of four kids! Her passion for martial arts led her to opening the school, to share that passion with others. She has dedicated her life to the art. In addition to her karate training, she is a nationally competing triathlete! She is thankful for the patience and discipline that karate has given her and for all of the students and families that have become a part of her karate family.  

Timothy Morrill, Mrs. Morrill’s husband of over 30 years, is also an electrical engineer with Raytheon Missile Systems. He is very thankful for his family and their desire to train together in the martial arts, because it gives them something they can all do together.

Jason Morrill is a cook at Cracker Barrel and is an instructor at the school on his off time.  He was actually the one in our family instrumental in getting us all to train together. He has a passion for weapons training and is affectionately known around here as the Kung Fu Panda. He is thankful for his family and plans to make his training a lifelong pursuit.

Emilie Klok, married for over a year now, is the school manager at AKKA Twin Peaks. She helps her mom make things run smoothly in the school! When Emilie is not at the karate school she usually is training for a chance to land a fight in the ring! Emilie is thankful that her job is something that she loves doing. She loves, and is thankful for her family, and karate family!       

Danielle Morrill is the baby of the family. She is a senior in high school, and when she is not at school, or helping teach at the karate school, she volunteers her time at the Pima County Animal Shelter. Danielle is grateful for her family, and for the long lasting relationships she has developed through karate.

Karate keeps us all together, and helps us to stay close while we all pursue our other goals in life. Karate has tremendously helped us. What can it do for you?

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