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Jenna Morris of Jenna’s Pilates studio offers one-on-one Pilates classes.

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Hi, I am Jenna Morris, owner of Jenna’s Pilates and Dance Company, and I am living the dream!! After dancing and performing in ballet and jazz dance for 17 years in Yuma, Ariz., I moved to Marana to study Pilates under master teacher, John White, who is 3rd generation pure Joseph Pilates style right out of New York City. My apprenticeship training was for 2 ½ years under John White and on July 21, 2010, I became a fully certified master Pilates instructor on the Pilates equipment and mat work. Opening my Pilates studio in June of 2010 as a 4th generation Joseph Pilates master teacher satisfied my childhood dream!

I started this company for the women in the Marana/Dove Mountain area to provide a professional, safe and private solution for their fitness needs. It is important to me to analyze and evaluate the fitness level of each of my clients to determine their strengths and weaknesses and to personalize the Pilates exercise program to meet their individual needs. I love to provide the Pilates movements in a motivational and fun manner in my relaxing spa like private studio to enhance posture, balance, energy level, muscle toning and flexibility. It is a wonderful blessing and privilege for me to witness my clients make improvements in these fitness areas as I work with them over a period of time and commitment.

Pilates exercising is a lifelong fitness program that can be done at any age. I have worked with women of all ages, and a variety of fitness levels, as well as, clients who are post-surgery, post-physical therapy, who still need continued strengthening and flexibility in their recovering bodies. I have worked with women who have done Pilates before and women who have never done Pilates. I have worked with women at a beginning level, at an intermediate level and at an advanced level of performing the Pilates movement exercises. Again, I will cater a Pilates exercise program to successfully meet your own personalized fitness goals working with you side by side along the way.

I would love to meet you and I offer a free trial 30 minutes private Pilates session for new clients to see my Pilates studio located in the Dove Mountain area and to experience my expertise in providing the exercise movements on the Pilates equipment. Because of my extensive dance and Pilates training, I have an excellent and true eye for proper technique and form in doing the Pilates movements in a safe and correct manner. My pricing for private Pilates sessions is extremely competitive and in a very pleasant and private atmosphere.

On my free time, I love spending time with my husband, Roy, and my shepherd dog, Annie. I like to garden, sew, learn about good nutrition and healthy living, and enjoy all that the Marana/Tucson area has to offer. Please give me a call at (928) 246-9859, email me at or visit my website at for any questions or to set up an appointment for your free trial 30 minutes Pilates private session. I would love to help you reach your fitness goals!! See you soon.

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