When the temperature outside is rising over 100 degrees, the temperature inside vehicles will be scorching. Golder Ranch Fire District reminds the public never to leave a child unattended in the car.

Parents or caregivers may mistakenly think that they can leave a child in a car for a “quick” errand. Heat is considerably more dangerous to children than it is to adults. When left in a hot vehicle, a child’s core body temperature can increase three to five times faster than an adult’s.  Parents and caregivers should be especially careful if they are dropping off children at a day care or other location that is not part of the normal routine. All too often, parents “forget” about their precious cargo in the car, and the results are often devastating.

Place an unmistakable visual reminder where you’ll be sure to see it before you leave your vehicle. This could be a diaper bag or child’s backpack right next to your briefcase or lunch bag.  Use this visual reminder as your cue to take your child with you when you exit the car.

If anyone should see a child left in a vehicle, call 911 immediately.

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