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If you are interested in a pre-owned vehicle, Golf Cars of Arizona shops carefully to provide our customers with the best available. Our used cars are different from our competitors as 95 percent of them have new heavy duty batteries that we feel is critical to a used car preforming well. When comparing car prices batteries are an $800 to $1,000 expense. We offer up to a one year warranty on cars we have certified.

As the largest dealership in the region, Golf Cars of Arizona puts its market share to work. We have the first right of refusal on any Club Cars that come available in our region from golf courses and we are very particular what we buy. There are many golf course cars that are beat up, we would never purchase these and try to hide them with new bodies as is common practice in the industry. We buy what we feel are low-use good quality cars, then we do a thorough cleaning and inspection before we put them up for sale. They always get new batteries. We have great values in private trade-ns as well. If a potential trade-in hasn’t been maintained and repaired by our technicians over the years, we go over the car in detail before it’s put up for sale. If we put it on our floor, we give a 30 day warranty on the car and two years on the batteries. Choose Golf Cars of Arizona for your next used car. We go the distance to provide quality and value. 

Right now, take $500 off any used car over $5,000.


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