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Sure, if they think there’s something worthwhile reading.  So we won’t bore you telling you how great we are, you’ll find that out with your first appointment at Hardin Brothers Automotive!

Instead, here are some tips you’ll find worth reading:

Make sure your air conditioner is working properly for winter.  Your defroster depends on it!  Car manufacturers run air through the a/c to remove the moisture from the air before it is blown onto your windshield!

During the winter, run your air conditioner every two weeks to keep the seals moist and the system running as it should.

If you are thinking of adding an aftermarket anti-theft device to your car, have it installed professionally.  An improperly installed device can interfere with your vehicle’s computer system causing all sorts of problems.

October is National Car Care month.  Visit us for a free 28 point courtesy check.

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