Golder Ranch Fire District

During the summer months, many Pima County residents find relief from the heat by enjoying their pools. Most gatherings revolve around community and backyard pools. The following may help heighten your awareness around water and keep you and your loved ones safe while swimming.

• Never swim alone, always use the buddy system regardless of age.

• At parties, assign a designated “Water Watcher” whose responsibility is to monitor the number of people in the pool and be prepared for an emergency.

• The designated “Water Watcher” should not be engaged in conversation, eating, or drinking alcohol. They should have a phone available pool side to call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

• The “Water Watcher” should be an adult. They should take turns with other adults at the gathering in 20-30 minute intervals.

• Stay hydrated while swimming and take frequent breaks to get out of direct sunlight.

• Avoid “horse play” around the pool to prevent injuries.

• When it is time for everyone to get out of the pool, secure the pool area by ensuring that pool gates are secure and closed, and that all swimmers are accounted for and out of the pool area.

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