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While stopping, have your brakes checked.  While turning, this could be your steering mechanism or a worn wheel bearing.


A car that runs too hot can cause expensive damage to your vehicle’s engine.  A car that runs too cool can put stress on your engine and result in poor fuel economy.


Is your car hard to start, running rough, misfiring or surging?  Your spark plugs may need replacing.  


Hot summer days cause extremely hot interior temperatures.   An outside temperature of 90 degrees can cause an interior temperature of 109 degrees in 10 minutes and 124 degrees in 30 minutes! No wonder people and pets die each year as a result of being left unattended in a vehicle with no air conditioning. We want our customers, including our four-legged ones, to be safe and healthy, so please be attentive to the effect of hot weather on your passengers.

Call Hardin Brothers Automotive at 818-3200 for an appointment to have these conditions checked. Visit our web site,  www.hardinbrothersautomotive.com and like us on Facebook. We love our customers and want you to be satisfied and safe!

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