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Q: How important is it to have my outboard motor serviced every year? A: Most outboard manufacturers recommend doing an annual service. Lubricants, seals and the water pump impeller are all made out of petroleum products and tend to degrade in extreme weather conditions. Think of it like this – a water pump impeller is made out of rubber just like an automobile tire. Despite a tire being brand new, if left outside in the extreme heat, it will start to deteriorate and crack. If this happens to a water pump impeller, then the proper cooling of the motor can be affected and could cause catastrophic malfunctions.

Seals can also harden and crack. If not checked regularly, water intrusion can get to bearings, gears and shifting components. When lubricants get old, they break down. When lubricants are mixed with water, they become very hazardous for the motor. Changing lubricants annually is highly recommended.

The bottom line here is to have your motor serviced on an annual basis. This will ensure your greatest opportunity to have a worry-free experience with your next boating adventure.

For more information on this topic and or others question concerning your outboard, or questions relating to boating, hunting, fishing and more, contact Catalina Marina at,, or 825-2022.

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