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Golf Cars of Arizona has been in the Tucson area for many years and has had a long standing relationship with Club Car as the exclusive dealer since the early 90s. The previous owners of Golf Cars of Arizona decided to retire in April of 2012, the new owners took over on April 16 2012. Since the sale there has been many changes in the company, with the biggest being the “Yes we can attitude” and a new level of customer service to make the buying or service experience as easy as possible. We service Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha and all other makes, with a good inventory of parts across the three stores. What could be easier? Leave your car in the driveway, we pick it up, service it, and return it to you usually in less than 24 hours.

All three stores were remodeled and the Tucson store moved to provide room for the ever expanding rental fleet. The remodels were geared around the buying experience, with customer seating areas and accessory corners put in all the stores. The future of the company was never brighter with new factory trained technicians at all three stores you can be assured we will fix it rite. The amazing battery pricing we were able to negotiate allows us to offer big box store pricing on batteries with our best batteries offering a two year warranty.

Club Car has come out with a new charging system on their 2014 cars to extend battery life and make the charging process more efficient. In the word of a Club Car rep “the one company that can make the batteries last the longest will become the #1 car in the market”. Golf Cars of Arizona also has an ever changing selection of used cars and all of them are up on our web site.

So stop by and see the “NEW” Golf cars of Arizona anytime and see the changes in the stores and feel the “NEW” attitude. We will see you soon!

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