Ryan’s plan would fix Medicare

Truth is Medicare will go broke in 2016, if you exclude Obamacare’s double counting. Finally the truth is coming out about what President Obama has done to Medicare. Double counting money doesn’t create real money, which is why the president has to talk about raising taxes.

Everyone knows that if you took 100 percent of the money the supposed “rich” have, that would not come close to balancing the budget or getting us out of debt.

So the definition of who is “rich” will have to keep sliding lower and lower until the federal government has completely destroyed the economy.

Democrats took half a trillion dollars out of Medicare in the Obamacare health care bill, which cannot improve Medicare’s solvency. Since 2008, Medicare has run cash flow deficits with this year’s deficit expected to total $28.9 billion. Medicare’s funding is taking a disproportionate share from general revenues crowding out programs like defense and education. And so we have to have more taxes.

Paul Ryan’s plan would fix Medicare without reducing services to seniors 55 years and older and allow those under 55 to choose to keep their Medicare or opt out and choose their own healthcare. Let’s elect Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, a CEO and a budget expert, and save Medicare and our economy. We will be Greece or we will right our financial ship and continue as the greatest economic power in the world. The choice is clear.

Lynne St. Angelo,

Oro Valley

Thanks for sharing

Thank you so much for publishing (Harrison) Avigdor’s story about his experience in Peru. Not only is it uplifting, but it also challenges our youth to learn of other cultures and to enrich their own lives

Unfortunately, our youth lives in a isolated American cocoon and has little knowledge of the world at large. Young people must realize that they will work overseas and live in other countries. My wife and I have, and it made a world of difference. If you know their language (communication) and their culture (social life) your life will be simpler and so much richer.

Thanks Harrison for sharing your wonderful story

Ihor Kunasz,

Oro Valley

Republicans disregard facts

It is interesting to note that no president other than President Obama has ever been questioned about his birth certificate, or his educational credentials, nor how he financed that education. And even though his birth in Hawaii has been confirmed both by that state’s newspapers, and his birth certificate has been publicly displayed in major newspapers and TV, still a certain segment of the GOP continues to ask the question again and again. How often does a fact have to be proven?

As far as President Obama’s education, he was smart enough to get scholarships to both Columbia University and Harvard, and those records are open and public.

The Republican tactic appears to be to disregard the facts, continue asking the same questions, and thereby cast doubt on the truth of the facts. Enough, already! Let’s talk about the real issues, not this divisive nonsense.

Alice Frier,


Stop whining about Romney

Instead of whining about Romney’s taxes you should be concerned about who can best keep this country from going bankrupt. That would be Romney and Ryan.

Ralph Jameson,


Obama, Romney hiding nothing

I thank Thelma Grimes for something she said in her opinion piece: “..attacks are ..to keep voters distracted” and then for printing two letters, the latest in a slew from both sides complaining about what candidates are hiding.

Obama and Romney are hiding trivial things compared to what is hidden in plain sight. The office they are both running for is too powerful and as demonstrated by the previous and current administrations, wielding this power to the detriment of every citizen’s rights.

Obama took Bush era policies of detention without trial a step further and now has the apparent ability to target and kill US citizens abroad, no indictment, trial or anything, which any American would recognize as due process. When you make special cases for “enemies” that shared the same citizenship that we all do, no matter their crime, we are all at risk.

The ratification of other such powers in the NDAA 2012 signals radical intent for subsequent administrations. It really doesn’t matter, red or blue, please, as Americans we need to realize that government, aided by executive branch special powers and secrecy is slowly closing the door on constitutional rights, American judicial values and setting frightening new precedents. Squabbling over sealed college records or tax returns is almost meaningless.

David Hymers,


Thanks to The Explorer

We would like to thank the Explorer Newspaper and recognize their contribution to the Healthiest Town in America Initiative. Bob and I presented the case for our community as the “Healthiest Town in America” on June 23, 2012 at the Academy of General Dentistry’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

Discussing our area and HTA was part of our seminar: “Dentistry the Greatest Success Story Never Told; How Quality of Life Drives Cost and Innovation and Why Congress is so Interested.”

The Explorer was an early “believer” and the original media sponsor for HTA. On December 31, 2008 your front page story documented our efforts to bring former Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona’s vision of healthier lifestyles to the Northwest. Now, HTA has been recognized at the local, state and national levels in our profession as dentistry wraps its arms around being the hub of healthcare. Thanks so much for your support, we could not have done it without you. Enjoy the journey.

Debbie Oro,

Oro Valley

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