I live in Marana but have been following the Councilman Zinkin saga in the Explorer.  After reading the article written by reporter Thelma Grimes, the three opinion editorials, and finally Councilman Zinkin’s own article, I can safely say that a recall on Councilman Zinkin is the correct thing to do.  While charges brought against someone can sometimes be misleading, Councilman Zinkin’s article actually reinforced the allegations regarding the use of Oro Valley police officers aiding Prescott in their time of need.  In his article, Councilman Zinkin laments the fact that his two questions regarding helping Prescott have gone unanswered. These questions were: 1) how much the venture costs and 2) how did it aid the safety of Oro Valley residents.  Mr. Zinkin already knows the answer to the second question, which is that it didn’t help the safety of Oro Valley residents at all.  The only reason to ask the questions in the first place is because he was opposed to spending the money to help.  “Why was the expenditure authorized Mr. Zinkin?”  The answer of course is simply that it was the right thing to do.  If you are opposed to doing the right thing, if you are opposed to helping neighbors in their time of need, then you sir are without honor.  Honorable people do the right thing even when they have to pay a price.  Furthermore, the main character qualities that I see in you are arrogance, selfishness and a lack of regard for others.  In other words, you are not worth knowing.

 Mr. Zinkin is simply not a good person.  The question the residents of Oro Valley must ask themselves — is he the type of person they want to represent them and make decisions for them?  


Dan Reed,


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And how many resources did Marana commit to 'aiding Prescott in their time of need?'

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