In response to (Explorer column printed on Dec. 19) on the shooting in Newtown and guns rights, let me say that your defense of the Second Amendment comes short.  People have a God given right for self-protection and the Second Amendment supports that and makes the United States unique in that regard.

 No further restrictions on gun ownership would change what has happened.  There are already enough gun laws restricting the purchase of guns by those that should not own them.  That does not necessarily keep the weapons out of  the hands of those people, as we have seen.  All of the guns were legally purchased and owned, however, persons who should not  have access, got them.

 Rather than enact further restrictions, armed guards at schools could prevent another such tragedy.  Have you not seen the reductions in crime where concealed carry licenses are allowed?  The same effect would be seen if schools hired armed guards. 

 Your point about the size of magazines is moot.  A shooter can change magazines in a matter of seconds, so the size is not the issue—the shooter is.

Where is the murder capital of the U.S.?  It’s Chicago, IL, where there are the most restrictive gun laws in the country.  Where are the most mass killings?  In the falsely named “gun free” zones.  THINK!

 Again, it appears the usual hysteria over guns is grabbing the headlines, instead of looking at the person(s) involved.

 Enough already.

Peggy Peters,

Oro Valley

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John J Flanagan

Excellent points, Peggy, however, most liberals and progressives cannot comprehend the reality you have described. Instead of realizing that evil exists and that bad people will use any weapon available to commit murder, the knee jerk liberal wants another law or a stronger law, something they believe will stop violence and murder.
Taking guns away from responsible citizens and allowing only the criminals and police to have a weapon is their usual strategy. They do not care about the second amendment either. In a nation where there are about 300,000 gang members in Los Angeles and other cities, where illegally obtained weapons are in abundance, the anti-gun people focus on the ordinary citizen with a registered permit. The Federal and State government can't even disarm the Bloods and the Crips in LA, but the ordinary citizen with a licensed firearm is seen as the real threat.

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