It seems that various polls indicate that the taxpayer is overwhelming against a military strike at Syria. Polls this date are 60 - 80 percent against involvement. I am not trying to bash the President, but he is at odds with the public who he has sworn to preserve and protect. It is very hard to imagine that Syria is threatening our national security and even if there is a red line on chemical weapons I think that the United Nations should be the frontrunner to solve these issues. Of course, the UN since 1947 has proven to be a useless organization AND at our expense. I am dead set against an organization whose major income is from the American taxpayer and is located free of charge in the center of NYC, instead of in the Hague where it belongs. We are being severely misused by the UN and our very own State Dept.

Get the U.S.out of the UN.

All the elected people in Congress, and especially our Senators from Arizona, should be paying attention to what the people want. That is, no more Vietnams. You may remember that that disgraceful fracas was started by a President, not the Congress or the people.


Norman Hansen,

Oro Valley

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