In the Dec. 11 issue of the Explorer, it was told that the towns of Marana and Oro Valley both were having special holiday festivities this month, complete with tree lightings, appearances by Santa Claus and other fun entertainment. While these two towns held very similar events for their communities, the one key thing that caught my attention was the difference in what these events were called. The town of Marana called their event the “Marana Christmas Festival“, while the town of Oro Valley chose to call theirs the “Oro Valley Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration“. This is yet another example of political correctness run amuck during the Christmas season. I’m not sure about other people, but I still don’t know what a “holiday tree” is. If one searches the Internet for a “holiday tree”, you’re not going to find much. In fact, the website Wikipedia will redirect you back to “Christmas tree”. The tradition of a decorating a tree at Christmastime in North America goes back to at least the 18th century, when a fir tree was decorated with candles and fruits at a……you guessed it, Christmas party. I think most people would see the absurdity of trying to re-label something like the Jewish menorah as the “holiday candelabra” in the interest of not offending those who don’t celebrate Hanukkah. But that is exactly what I think when I see companies or municipalities tip-toeing around the issue by calling their decorated trees “holiday trees”. I’m not exactly sure when the word “Christmas” became such an offensive word that it needed to be eliminated from our vocabulary. I applaud the Town of Marana for not being afraid to use the word “Christmas” this holiday season.


Skip Stevens

Oro Valley

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