Continental Ranch community center changes unfair

On Jan. 17, I attended a meeting of the Continental Ranch Home Owners Association. I was there along with many members of the Senior Citizens and Retirees of Continental Ranch. 

For 19 years the seniors have met at the community center every Thursday morning from 8 a.m. to noon free of charge. The present BOD has decided we now have to pay for the use of the rooms. When asked that a waiver be allowed in our case we were told by a board member, that is the way of business it doesn’t pay for them to let us stay there free of charge, the cost is way too much for the upkeep. The BOD did not listen to reason, their minds had already been made up before the meeting. This was all decided with no input by any members of the community at the meeting last month. We the people of this community own and pay for the upkeep of all our common areas, swimming pools, play grounds and the community center we should not have to pay for what we already own. This CC was built by the developers and donated to this community for our use.


Sandra Padilla

Continental Ranch Resident


Upset by fee policy change

Recently the Board of Directors of the Continental Ranch Community Association made a use fee policy change for the community center. A group known as the Senior citizens and Retirees of Continental Ranch are being forced to pay a user fee for their weekly activity at the center.  They have used the center for 19 years with no fees.  

The center was built to serve the community.  The center along with other use areas such as the two swimming pools, community parks and Windmill Park are part of the community to serve its residents. The board looks at the center as a piece of rental property and not as a place for community members to meet and have social fun.

The board has the discretionary right under the CC&Rs to structure the user fees as they see fit.  That legal decision does not make it right nor benefit association members.  Does this recent decision by the Board mean that future fees are on the horizon for use of the swimming pools, parks and a pleasant walk at Windmill Park?

What is happening to our association?  Now is the time for all residents of Continental Ranch to become involved and challenge decisions made by the BOD that do not meet the vision and goals of this association. 


Jim Alam,

Continental Ranch Resident

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