In the June 11 edition of the Explorer, a reader complained that politics didn’t belong in a weekly shopper, but then proceeds to weigh in on Richard Brinkley’s so-called hoax on climate change. I agree with the writer about Mr. Brinkley’s article especially where he pulled out his facts from his (derriere), but I don’t agree with his premise that The Explorer is a weekly shopper. 

I look forward every week to reading the Editor’s “We

Say” column, along with the “You Say” letters. Mrs. Grimes’ timely editorial every week about what’s important to its readers, plus giving the column a local opinion of things, is far better than what a I get from the Tucson Daily Star, where almost all editorial opinions are from other sources other than from the editorial writers at the Daily Star. Today in the Daily Star the editorial piece was from the Washington Post, and yesterday it was from the Milwaukee Journal. While both pieces were interesting they didn’t tell me what the local opinion was on these stories. 

In this week’s Explorer there was an interesting piece by Chris Flora about local students, and how they reacted to the Seattle shooting, then there was the piece about how Independent voters can choose party preferences in the primary, another great piece was by Dave Safier about making the teaching profession more desirable. I could go on, but the point is that there is a much-needed hole in our newspapers now-days, and I personally feel that the Explorer is filling that need on the local level. Keep up the good work Explorer News.


Clyde Steele,

Oro Valley

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John Flanagan

Clyde..Come on!...Why so love struck? It is just a local paper with some great articles and some rather bland and boring ones. The Explorer rarely explores timely issues in any kind of depth nor solicits political opinions of residents concerning the awful job Obama is doing. It really doesn't want to be too controversial or partisan, but a frequent touch of liberal predisposition is duly recognized, and a subconscious lean towards progressive sympathies. However, Thelma Grimes is a respectable editor with more balanced perspectives than most of her journalistic colleagues in the mainstream print media. Overall....I like the Explorer, and I read it regularly. At least we have a free press, and the Explorer will print even opposing views.

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