After what has been going on in Washington with all these scandals....really 5 of them -   IRS, Benghazi, AP intrusion, Fast and Furious, Strong-arming private health care organizations for money to prop-up Obamacare - I personally feel  that the one that could affect me the most, potentially, is the IRS purposefully targeting conservative groups. 

Did you know that the IRS is not only targeting Tea Party groups, but Billy Graham’s group, Dr. Dobson’s remember his radio moments as “focus on the family”,  Jewish groups, and other Patriot groups?  This includes anyone that associates with these groups, like me!  So what can I do?  My choices are to write, phone, or organize.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to contact my Congressional Representative to insist that ALL IRS employees touching this issue,  from the front line, low-level worker through the middle management layer to the top leaders, must come before Congress to give sworn testimony to what they know.  All of them.  And I ask you to join me.

 Do you realize that the person that was in charge of the non-profit status, that is the source of this IRS scandal,  was Sarah Hall Ingram. And, because of her work she was recently promoted to head the implementation and enforcement of Obamacare within the IRS.....  Now IRS and our Health Records?  Are you kidding me?

 Why do I say we should contact our Congressman or Congresswoman rather than our Senator..... Your Representative needs to hear from you, whether he or she is a Democrat or Republican.  They represent us, they need to hear from their constituents, they are directly accountable to us -  We the People.  If we go around them, they no longer represent us because we let them off the hook. 

 The Congressional District boundaries are strangely put together.  Not all of you are in the same district.

If Ann Kirkpatrick is your Congresswoman, her number in Washington is 202-225-3361.  Most of us, I think are in her district, but you don’t have to move far to be in Ron Barber’s district.  His number is 202-225-2542.

 Call their Washington office and tell them who you are, where you live, and that you want them to act on your behalf to get the  House to call upon, under oath, every IRS worker that has anything to do with this illegal focusing on conservative organizations. 

 It’s our patriotic duty, not just because some of us might be conservative, it’s against the law and it is blatant discrimination - certainly out of step with what our Constitution represents.  Where does it end, if not right here?


John Spitler, 


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