As the election for Mayor and three Council seats draws near, it’s time we, as Oro Valley residents, open our eyes.  Let’s take a look to see what the four incumbents have done as a council and as individuals. 

As councilmembers since 2010, while keeping the residents’ wishes of no property tax, they have

1. Turned a multi-million dollar deficit into a surplus

2. Created more arts and culture activities for residents of all ages

3. Created more recreational opportunities for residents of all ages

4. Mandated that development keep open space in their projects in order to preserve our beautiful views to name only a few. 

The list goes on…

 As individuals,

Lou Waters was one of two councilmembers (the other was Steve Solomon) tasked with converting Coyote Run into Oro Valley’s Sun Shuttle Dial-A-Ride, which has expanded service and ridership to all ages and abilities. He has also taken on the role of engaging seniors to commit to a healthy active lifestyle and has served our community for over 10 years as a Citizens Volunteer Assistance Patrol (CVAP) volunteer.

Mary Snider founded Project Graduation which keeps our high school children safe on graduation night.  In addition, she helped create a Youth Advisory Commission for the town so our kids will have a voice in how our town develops.

Joe Hornat is a member of Oro Valley American Legion Post 132 (Color Guard and Boys State Rep) and actively engaged with helping the veterans in our community. He is also the town rep for the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance “Mission Strong”, which is fighting to preserve Davis-Monthan as well as all southern Arizona military bases.

As for Mayor Satish Hiremath, he is President Emeritus for SAACA, provided the funding for the Children’s Room at the Oro Valley Public Library, created the Veterans Support Initiative for the Town of Oro Valley, and is the Title Sponsor for the 9th consecutive year of the Oro Valley Holiday Parade.

Every demographic of our town has been impacted by the contributions of these four individuals.  So when you get your ballot, open your eyes, get involved, step up and cast your vote for Hiremath, Waters, Snider and Hornat -  four outstanding, selfless individuals who have enriched our community and our lives.                


Jackie Devery,

Oro Valley

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