This is regarding your opinion article ‘The power of PACs’. 

It was unfortunate that your partisan slant shows. I too agree that money, especially this big money needs to get out from politics. It seems the government we get is bought outright. I hope that House Democratic Leader Pelosi’s bill passes, though I fear it does not have much of a chance.

My problem with your article was that you only mention the PACs and Super PACs of those who lean Democratic. 

At least Mrs. Gifford’s Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC is doing something to make the nation and our children safer, and Mr. Steyer’s PAC is supporting candidates who acknowledge climate change unlike the deniers. Unfortunately you make absolutely no mention of the PACs (and there are many) supported by people like the Koch brothers and Karl Rove who spread lies and malice and seem to want to take this wonderful country back several centuries.


Ann Rodericks,


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John Flanagan

When it comes to PAC's. everyone accuses the views of the opposition as being 'partisan' while their own favorite PAC's are, of course, pure as the driven snow. Liberals attack the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and other conservative groups of having malice and spreading lies, while they give a pass to the biggest leftist and PAC supporter of them all....George Soros. And liberal and left leaning PAC's can be quite ruthless in their malicious partisanship. Well, we live in America, and we all have something to say, don't we?

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