Having read a previous Dave Safier article when he took a victory lap after the recent election, I hoped that possibly his trend for future articles would become less outrageous, and somewhat tempered after his obvious over the top giddiness had subsided.

Boy was I wrong. His latest, “bold, visionary plans attributed to only the Democrats,” and then his politically, and intellectually deficient assertions to justify his thoughts was just so much pap, consisting of hackneyed talking points, half truths, and in some instances, untruths.

Mr. Safier, I do get it. I’m aware that the Explorer, which does a very nice job covering this NW area, does have a budget, and it excludes a comic section let alone some strips from the “Loonie Toons” syndicate. Dave Safier to the rescue. 

Mr. Safier then comments on most every hot button issue known to man, subjects like climate change (probably referred to before by Mr. Safier as global warming), gun violence, and ah yes that “shovel ready” industry known as the infrastructure. He then puts all the blame for the problems inherent with those subjects squarely on the backs of only one political group.

When purveyors of ideological mindsets such as Mr. Safier use phrases such as, “overwhelming scientific evidence,” and then refer to the latest big storm as their tipping point I shudder at the thought of oppressive legislation that this ilk wants enacted.

When I hear about gun violence, and Mr. Safier blames just one segment of our society or one political group I think, we most likely will never solve that, and other problems due to the preconceived and intransigent notions of his ilk.

And when I think of all those wonderful infrastructure projects that we were led to believe would be fixed with the Stimulus of 2009, I think of the potholes I still dodge and all that money now forever in the baseline of our future budgets.

Mr. Safier ends his demagoguery against fellow Americans of another political persuasion with, “Yes We Can!” I just hope he is referring to the preserving of fruits and vegetables.


Merritt McGlothlin,

Oro Valley

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In reply to Mr. McGlothlin; You are correct in your reply to Mr. Safier. He routinely supports the dreamy, feel-good goals of the liberals in his party. Hardly a mention of the means justifies the end policies of our current POTUS, he, and other LIV's (Low information voters) are ignorant of the feds printing money in the billions of dollars a month to purchase bonds that are loan guarantees to our government in excess of the loans from the Chinese. Compounding this ignorance they point to the temporary exuberance of the stock market that is temporarily reaching new highs. What goes up will come down. The value of our dollar is decreasing, inflation is already affecting prices consumers pay, the laughably named Affordable Care Act is anything but that, Doctors are retiring creating a gap in care for the number of people now eligible for that care, and the list goes on. In the meantime, Mr. Safier goes merrily on his way oblivious to our mountain of unsustainable debt. I suspect when the bottom falls out all eyes will turn to Conservatives to save the day through fiscal responsibility. Or, Safier and his followers will drive a stake in the heart of our economy in 2014 by turning the House over to the Democrats. Then Mr. Safier and his followers can "crow" all the way to bankruptcy.

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