Both The New Times and the London Guardian have urged President Obama to grant clemency to Edward Snowden because he has opened the eyes of the world to what the NSA has been doing for years.  That is not to say other countries haven’t been doing the same thing.   

Even a large number of Americans also believe Snowden has done the world a great favor and should not be punished.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Daniel Ellsberg sent the “Pentagon Papers” to the New York Times and they were published.  His revelations had a great impact on the war being waged in Viet Nam.   He did not run to another country to avoid prosecution for revealing classified information.  He was a man of integrity, of moral courage.  There is no evidence that Snowden  even considered that avenue. He is not a Whistleblower, he is a traitor. 

Snowden chose to seek asylum with America’s long-time adversary when he made the documents public, showing  a lack of moral courage.  To many he is a hero.  Please don’t denigrate the word hero by calling him one.

Now Snowden doesn’t like the Moscow winter so he is trying to go to Brazil to bask in the sun on their beautiful beaches with the bikini-clad women.  Besides he has said that the game is over and he has won so why not relax and take it easy now.  If the “game” is over, why does he continue to leak classified information? 

The United States is a country of laws.  That is just one of the many things that make this great nation great. Snowden broke the law and should face a jury of his peers.  End of discussion.


Jerry Lujan,


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Yes, Snowden broke the law and should face a jury of his peers. The NSA broke the law but will not be held accountable for snooping, unlawfully, on countless law abiding American citizens, but why not? Our personal privacy is constantly under attack now by the government doing everything from habitual Internet snooping to high-tech camera drones hovering outside windows of innocent citizens in various cities across the country.
The only thing that is going to fix this problem, or give us an occasional even break is demanding term limits for all politicians at all levels of government. No exceptions, no excuses such as "my representative is just fine, but your is terrible and needs to be replaced." No, all of them need to return to the actual real world mess they have created across the country. Using a spinoff from a Bay Area representative's remarkably mindless statement, "they need to live in it to find out what they have done to it."

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