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Safier is one of the “brighter bulbs”

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Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 4:00 am

The Explorer’s Opinion section is as good as it gets - even ranks well

with The Arizona Daily Star and I look forward to each Wednesday’s

edition. Last week, two individuals, John Spitler and Merritt McGlothin, wrote articles crticizing Dave Safier. Though both writers strike up similar conservative views, Merritt McGlothlin’s piece, “Safier is Outrageous” was, perhaps, better written and caught my attention. I disagree with some of the topics she listed, particualrly global warming, however. 

Like it or not, this issue stands as the most critical

America (and the world) ultimately must address. Wars come and go

but eventually get resolved. But man-made pollution, as the world is experiencing, doesn’t simply come and go.

I know Dave through tennis, and must say he is one of the “brighter bulbs” around; very articulate, educated, along with a great sense of humor. And far less liberal than you portray him. I’d say to his two critics above, if you ever meet him, you will have a friend for life.


Paul Bookidis,


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