Capt. Al is at it again. First he calls the 151-day legislative session a real disaster, then he calls the just-passed budget, a Democratic budget. How does a Republican majority in the House and Senate, and with a Republican Governor, become a Democratic budget? If anything I would call it a budget of the people of the State of Arizona. Then we have the good Capt. along with Rep. Kwasman, and ex Sen. Anternori threatening the 15 Republican who voted for the Medicare expansion, and calling them Republicans in Name Only. These three seem to be under the misconception that they and they alone get to pick who is a real Republican. This statement and others Capt. Al has made in the past, seems that he is the only one capable of deciding anything pertaining to politics. Last year he knew who was patriotic or not just by looking if they had a flag flying on their property. Then there was the one where our schools system K-12 has failed us because their seem to vote Democratic. I wonder how anyone in politics can be right 100 percent of the time, on any issue, especially if they are basing they dissensions on ideology. Also, he goes on to say that the answer to all of our problems is more jobs. But he doesn’t say why in the past six years with Republican control of both Houses and the Governors office, why more jobs haven’t been created, since Arizona is a right to work State, plus lowering the State Income Tax should have been a beacon for businesses to move to Arizona. One last thought about the good Capt. I wonder why someone who is either on Medicare or Tri-Care would be so upset about the Affordable Care Act. Is it because it’s a Government run program? The real smart thing to do is put his money where his mouth is, and drop his Medicare or Tri-Care and go to a private plan. Of course that won’t happen.


Clyde R. Steele,


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