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Upset in VCA


Last Thursday the developer controlled Vistoso Community Association (VCA) elected/appointed two developer puppets to the board of directors.  It is my opinion these puppets replaced two hard working homeowner directors because they took part in replacing a long time developer supported vendor.  Those opposed to the vendor replacement and the more than $200,000 the VCA will save as result acted  swiftly to  replace the hardworking homeowner directors.  Admittedly it is homeowner ignorance and apathy that permits these consequences.  I had hoped the homeowners in Rancho Vistoso were better educated and more involved than the apathetic general population.  Alas, this is not the case.  I expect a response to this letter will accuse me of sour grapes because I ran for the board and was not elected.  What they won’t respond to is the truth of my observations.  Until the VCA homeowners take control and the current board of directors and Management Company are replaced, the beauty of Rancho Vistoso will be tarnished.

 P.S.  I hope the Explorer publishes this letter because the VCA newsletter would never consider doing so.


Ken Kinared,

Rancho Vistoso