Since Geri Ottoboni has followed Sen. Melvin’s agenda exactly, repeating it doesn’t necessarily make it true.  Has she witnessed that medical radioisotopes are in short supply? The French, who have closed their recycling program, have always shipped their waste to Japan. It was General Eisenhower who first warned us of the dangers of nuclear power.  The Germans are now leaders in solar power and have nothing to do with Nuclear.

Carlsbad, N.M. is only a storage facility.  There is no Nuclear reactor there as Senator Melvin plans for Ajo.  The salt beds cannot contain even low levels of radiation. The money collected by Carlsbad includes more than just the storage facility.  We citizens voted for revenue for K-12 schools and universities and Sen. Melvin voted to put it in the General Budget.

Anyone attending the independent commissioning board had to listen to Sen. Melvin’s agenda, which insulted the independent (volunteer) commissioner. The Arizona Supreme Court supported the commissioner. Senator Melvin is trying to get the State Legislature to take over the redistricting program as it did in the 2000 census. 

Arizona’s future is with solar energy.  The Palo Verde nuclear plant has already outlived its design life.  Nuclear power has never been accepted by the general public, not in my back yard. 


Ben F. Love,

Oro Valley

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