RE: Dave Safier’s May column.

This is a poor excuse for journalism if I have ever seen one. First, it is so similar to an article I read in The Arizona Daily Star and second there is no real research here. I am so tired of people generalizing about who BASIS is for and using the excuse of loads of homework as a limiting factor. Not a better way to educate our children you say? 

What on earth is wrong with raising the bar and having kids work hard to succeed? It beats the alternative I see in the public schools where they lower the bar so they can be a high achieving school. 

I have two sons at BASIS and a nephew at Cross. Guess what? They had about the same amount of homework. But, while my son learned physics, chemistry and was a year or so ahead in math, my nephew did book reports and projects and took social studies and very little science. They both are able to do sports- Dolphins football and elite basketball. 

No, it isn’t a school for everyone, it is a school that is for kids who aren’t afraid of some hard work and parents who are willing to support them and not insist on A’s. Why can’t we be proud of such a great addition to our schools in Arizona? Why does every story I read have to be so short on facts? Maybe you should do your homework.


Amy Drescher,

Oro Valley 

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