In Ken Kinared’s recent letter, he voiced his dismay regarding the Board of Directors election results at the Vistoso Community Association.  He referred to the community as being “developer-controlled” and asserted that two of the newly-elected board members were “developer puppets.”  His concern was that “the beauty of Rancho Vistoso will be tarnished.”  I don’t know what the newly-elected officers have planned for RV, but I do know that Mr. Kinared is now castigating others for doing what he once did.

Mr. Kinared knows all about developer puppets.  Back in 2004 when he was on the Oro Valley Planning and Zoning Commission, he was one of those puppets.  In one case that I remember in particular, Kinared voted to recommend a zoning change to a 2.5-acre parcel of land located adjacent to the Valle del Oro neighborhood.  This new zoning would have allowed a restaurant to be built in close proximity to several homes on land that was currently undisturbed desert.

Residents of Valle del Oro packed the town council chambers during the P&Z hearing and voiced their objections to having a restaurant built within a few yards of their homes and bedroom windows.

Despite the numerous objections of residents, Mr. Kinared stated at that time that projects needed to move forward regardless of a “not in my backyard” mentality.  Apparently, that NIMBY philosophy only applies when those projects are not located in his backyard.


Diane Peters,

Oro Valley

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