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Dysfunctional and paranoid ov council

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Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 4:00 am

Man, what a dysfunctional, paranoid Oro Valley Council we have as evidenced by the two articles (Sept. 25) by reporter Randy Metcalf and wanna-be-mentor Joe Hornat, councilmember.

The unravelling of egos, inuendo, and power:

1) The wife of Satish Hiremath’s elections treasurer obtains the necessary papers explaining the procedure to recall an elected councilmember, opening a Pandora’s box of evil.

2) Her supporting four page documents include “conversations” from police department union members that “cited threatening and demanding conduct of councilman Brendan Burns” and “racist, sexist, profane remarks that councilman Mike Zinkin has made.”

3) A recently submitted document from the police officer’s association that the members of the Oro Valley Police Officer Association are worried about council member Zinkin’s “intentions” as it applies “to the police department because he had requested “overtime submissions of paid personnel.”

4) The application further stated that Zinkin either has “no confidence in the chief of police and his command” and/or he has reason to accuse the police department “of dishonesty and fraud as it concerns their submittal of requests for overtime reimbursement.

5) Further documents from Mayor Hiremath stated that “Council Member Zinkin has an issue with race, including me.”

6) Another letter submitted by Hiremath accused Zinkin and Burns of violating open meeting laws...two separate times...to move the chief of police under the town manager’s oversight prior to it being discussed in public forums.

7) President of the Fraternal Order of Police from Lodge #53, Kevin Mattocks, filed a complaint against council member Burns because an email he received from the councilman was “threatening, demanding, retaliatory, and unprofessional.”

8) Mattocks’ and Burns’ emails were forwarded to Ron Corbin, the Human Resources Director for the town, who “did not find any evidence of harassment or retaliaton.”

9) Another document from Police Chief Danny Sharp stated that when Zinkin met a woman on his staff, “Zinkin told her that she was better to look at than another person.” Both Sharp and the employee, who didn’t want to file (sexual harassment) charges, reported the incident to Town Manager Greg Caton who spoke to Zinkin.

Is it too much to ask for this pettiness to end? My wife and I have lived in Oro Valley for 13 years and love to go back to New Jersey and Chicago to see family and friends but our “heart” belongs here. Each year I contribute to Oro Valley Lodge #53 and am grateful that I can feel safe and protected by our police force under Chief Danny Sharp.

However, I think Mike Zinkin’s request as a councilmember, re: overtime pay and documentation of expenses, is what is he was elected to do and I support his courage to question, evaluate, and his tenacity to follow through. Other council members could reach out and become more open minded. Maybe this time Mike did get it right, Joe.


Allen J. Pastryk,

Oro Valley

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