fact filled response to Dave Safier’s opinion of “global warming.”

Dave must have missed the memo about there being no global warming. Science has established that the Earth is not getting warmer. That is why the fear mongering community has abandoned the phrase in favor of climate change. There is no scientific proof that people are causing climate change, since there can be no control element to judge against. Historical records do tell us that back about 1000 AD we had a warming period followed by a cooling period, followed by a warming period. Most likely these occurred without human input.

A look at the behavior of those who are most vocal about the need to change our behavior shows their hypocrisy. 

They frequently own multiple large houses, they travel on private aircraft, and they take many, many trips for speaking engagements that could be handled by video conference. When they have a smaller carbon footprint than I do then they can tell me how to live.


Andrew Woodward,


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