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Zinkin incident is news


In the Nov. 20 edition of The Explorer, two letter writers express concern over an article written about Oro Valley Councilman Mike Zinkin and his failure to report an accident that occurred at CDO High School. I find it interesting that both letter writers take issue with the reporting, but do not defend Zinkin’s actions. It is apparent to me that they know Zinkin was wrong, but they needed some way to deflect and otherwise distract the community from looking at an elected official that definitely has serious character flaws.

Their bottom line: “why was this even reported on?” The answer is simple. Mike Zinkin is an elected official who represents the residents of Oro Valley. He votes on ordinances, policies and priorities that can affect all of us. He should be expected to exercise sound judgment while carrying out his duties as an elected official. His behavior and lack of integrity in this incident is reflective of who he is and is indicative of how he governs. Obviously, without concern for ethical decision-making, it is apparent that he feels that the rules don’t apply to him and when he is caught he is quick to blame others. In short, this is news, and I appreciate Chris Flora and The Explorer for providing important information to our community so we can hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.


Dale Chastain,

Oro Valley