Brinkley says Barber’s attack on the Corporate Commission is silly.  I’ll leave all the politics to Brinkley, but he totally misses the point in his analysis of the power issues. Barber, Giffords and Captain Kelly are ardent supporters of solar power in AZ.  Kelly has seen from space the damage we are doing to our planet. 

Brinkley ignores the role China played in domination of the manufacture of solar panels, not just in the U.S., but in countries across the world. For their  2006 Olympics they had to replace their coal power before visitors could breathe.  This gave them a head start on the rest of the world. They flooded the markets everywhere with cheap-labor panels.  Other manufacturers could not compete.  The US Government had always planned to cut the incentives after the program took off. 

Brinkley never mentions the real reason to  go away from coal and oil power-climate change.  Brinkley’s only concern is how many jobs would be lost in other industries by going solar.  The issue is not about jobs.  Workers historically have retrained to other jobs when technology eliminates their careers.  The issue is that the hydrocarbons in the ozone prevent the re-radiated solar heat from escaping back into space and reflect it back down to earth causing it to heat up further.  Brinkley should check his A/C condenser for the type of refrigerant used.  If is is R-22, that is bad.  If it ever leaks, it will be like a mirror adding to the ozone reflectivity.  Chemical companies are cutting back on R-22 production in favor or R-410 which is free of hydrocarbons. The price of R-22 is headed up!


Benjamin F. Love,

Oro Valley

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