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What’s wrong with arming the Armed Forces?


The recent shooting at the DC Navy shipyard will again energize those individuals calling for stricter gun laws.  This is the usual, to be expected, response from those that refuse to deal with facts.  

Since the time when the Clinton administration had taken the individual weapons away from the military, we have had two major shootings on  military bases.  In each of those instances, it took a civilian with a gun to stop the further carnage.  What if the military men and women had had their weapons on their person.  What a difference the body count would be.  How can we rationally not arm the Armed Forces? 

So here again is a case where a strict gun law caused more catastrophe than what would have been without the law.  Take Sandy Hook, and  the shootings in Colorado, each incident was in a place where carrying a gun was strictly prohibited,  “A Gun Free Zone”.  To a shooter wishing to inflict major injury, this is fertile ground.

The recent tragedy at the DC Navy shipyard calls for a re-look at the military’s ability to carry a sidearm.  Isn’t there enough “facts” now to support that re-look?  Or don’t we trust our military?  Hum?


John Spitler,