I was flabbergasted by Tony Greco’s opinion piece stating that Democrats were responsible for every war in the 20th century.  Not only is it factually inaccurate, in that Eisenhower began our involvement in Korea, albeit sans troops, and Gulf War I was started by George H. W. Bush, he lays blame for World War I and II at the feet of Democratic presidents.  While American involvement for the two world wars certainly began under Democratic presidents, is Mr. Greco honestly proposing that the blame for those wars lies with Wilson and FDR?  Would he have not fought them?  Never mind that other military adventures occurred under Republican presidents in the 20th century, such as Grenada (Reagan), the invasion of Panama (George H.W. Bush) and other South American hostilities, it is also not lost that Mr. Greco very conveniently limited his erroneous analysis to the 20th century, eliminating our most recent conflicts, the second Gulf War and Afghanistan, both started by George W. Bush.  I will give Mr. Greco his own opinion, but I will not give him license to distort the truth.  By ignoring inconvenient facts and through careful distortion, he tries to justify ridiculous claims.  He is apparently so blinded by ideology that either he cannot see the facts or he feels justified in lies and distortion to make a point.  In either case, he is a menace to society and the public discourse.  

The errors in Mr. Greco’s statements are too numerous to mention here, but I would urge Explorer readers to research military spending and see if one of Mr. Grecos central points even holds an ounce of water.  Cliff Notes version:  It doesn’t.  


Brian Jones,


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