Great article on library

What a great article about the wonderful asset Oro Valley has in it’s library.

Lori Mervin wrote a great article and touched on the great work they do.

The library is the center of the universe here in Oro Valley and truly the town center.

Thank you for having such a talented writer that so well displayed the jewel that we are blessed with here.

Bob Schumann, Oro Valley



Other weight-loss choices

I just finished reading my Explorer. The Editors article “Resolution:Fighting the battle of the bulge was a great endorsement for the Weight Loss Giant -Weight Watchers. I would like to inform the readers of a low-cost weight loss support group. TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) a non-profit weight loss support group, with many local chapters that meet all around Tucson on different days at different times. Please refer to for the meeting closest to you. The weigh in is private, but the accountability is there. The support is there. The low cost is there. My chapter meets Thursday evenings 7 p.m. at HealthSouth Rehabilition Hospital. Please come by if you are interested in seeing if you would like to join. 1st meeting is free.

Peggy Hubbard, Oro Valley

Don’t turn library over to Pima County

Recently at the Nanini Library, I overheard the Oro Valley Library was being turned over to Pima County this summer. This can’t be true. A few years ago, I attended a council meeting and heard this would drastically reduce the services, programs, and quality of the library.

It was clear there would be many changes and they all would lower the standard for the OV library. I am surprised OV would allow PC to get such a strong foothold in the community. Under PC control, there would no longer be an annual Book Festival - PC holds theirs at the downtown branch, not at satellite branches.

All the money from the Friends Book Store now stays at the OV library; under PC it would go into the communal pot. This would mean far fewer programs because they wouldn’t have the Friends support.

Under PC, the meeting room can only be used when the library is open. Staff would no longer be OV employees, but rotated PC employees, you don’t know them and they don’t know you.

I have gone to several PC libraries and absolutely go to the Oro Valley Library whenever I can and there is a definite difference. People move to a community for the quality of its schools, police department and its library. If I were an OV resident, I would definitely contact Council and Town administration immediately and let them know what the library means to you and its worth fighting for.

Chelle Pasarich, Tucson



Will of the people is not being followed

During the recent (failed) Super Committee hearings, Senator Kyl invoked the name of Grover Norquist, reminding republicans on the team that they could not agree to raise taxes or revenues because they all signed Norquist's pledge. They also took an oath of office to represent the people, but Norquist claims his pledge is to the people. This is not true.  His pledge only leads to Government bankruptcy and that is not the will of the people.

 Republicans wanting to carry out the will of the people is laughable, and makes them appear hypocritical.  Their actions speak louder than their words. The will of the people is expressed in the Constitution, and the courts have ruled against State Republicans in instances such at the firing of the IRC Chair and SB 1070. 

The people voted for a sales tax increase to be used for education, yet the money wound up in the general fund.  The consensus of the People was to continue the federally-funded AHCCCS organ-transplant program.  The people want jobs, not the designation of a state gun. 

 If Republican legislators want us to believe them, they should publicly renounce any allegiance to Grover Norquist and affirm that they will give priority to the majority opinion of all Arizona citizens, regardless of party affiliation.   

Ben F. Love, Oro Valley

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Ben Love; The underlying theme you choose to ignore or, worse, fail to understand is that we have a spending problem in this country not a failure to tax the so-called "evil rich."

Does the citizenry understand that government could take 100% of the assets of all the so-called rich and not make a dent in our sovereign debt? Do you understand the magnitude of 15+ TRILLION DOLLARS? No.

Let's make it simple in terms we can all understand. My charge card gives me around $30 thousand dollars I can borrow against. If I pay it back the next month I pay no interest on the loan. If I drag it out I pay around 2% a month on the unpaid balance which means if I pay back the minimum amount due I will never pay it off. If I borrow more than I am worth I am in the same league of losers as Greece, Portugal, Italy, and the U.S. currently are where debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is now currently in excess of 100%.

The end result, as the European Union is currently struggling with, and warning us as to what is in store for our future if we continue on this suicide run, is that we can no longer afford all your cited feel-good programs paid for by loans from the Chinese.

Norquist is stating the obvious, tax and spend has limits that we passed years ago, so no compromise on increasing the debt limit, reduce government size since they produce nothing, let the free market do what it does best, namely, produce, and create jobs to reduce the jobless rates, and educate the public about basic economics that use Keynes as an example of how to destroy an economy.

You mock the Republicans for "Failing to carry out the will of the people." The Republicans are ripe for mocking in other areas but not this one. The people are basically clueless about government and economics due in large part to a corrupt educational system that preaches rather than teaches.

"Trillion" may not sound like much when you say it fast but is a deadly serious number. Discussing how to get that number down is a problem we can both work on. Blaming the rich, which includes most all of our politicians and union bosses, is self-defeating akin to barking at the moon. Feels good but accomplishes nothing.

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