At the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum, Mayor Hiremath, said,

“The expectation you should have of your mayor is that you want somebody who is honest, has integrity, is respectful, is responsible and cares for you.” However, his written and spoken comments over the last four years reveal that he is not that person.

This is a direct quote from an e-mail that the mayor sent Councilmember Garner on 4/18/14: "Your comments were at best very rude, inconsiderate, tasteless, mean-spirited and beneath contempt".

Couple this with the mayor's tirade toward a senior staff member at the 10/16/13 council meeting when he wanted staff to do the council's job. He stated, "This is a waste of my time!

You are paid professionals. I'm lightly hammering you over the head because I disagree.” Were these remarks civil and respectful?

How about the mayor contacting the County Attorney regarding a councilmember's residency rather than going through the Town Attorney? What about the mayor instructing the chief of police that he need not respond to a councilmember's e-mail? (9/11/12).

Public disagreement and disrespect at council meetings has become the norm. At the 6/3/14 council meeting, the mayor publicly chastised Councilmembers Burns, Garner, and Zinkin because he did not agree with their vote against the budget...a vote that was taken over a month prior.

As for the mayor’s honesty, at the Sun City Candidate Forum, he claimed that the

councilmembers not currently up for re-election were proposing a vote against Home Rule and

that they desire a property tax. These statements are completely untrue.

Is the mayor responsible? Despite his desire to have the police department report directly to

council, the mayor instructed staff not to include him in the distribution of the OVPD monthly overtime reports. Interestingly, the most recent report indicates that the OVPD spent $86,443.17 more than what the budget allocated. The mayor insists that these expenditures not be questioned.

The payment of overtime for hours scheduled rather than hours worked was approved by the mayor and the three incumbents, despite being told by staff that paying overtime in this fashion will cost the town, at a minimum, an additional $120,000.

Unquestioned spending is the norm. Town employees will get a minimum of a 5.5% raise in an economy where the average raise is 2%. This along with free health insurance, free dental insurance, free vision insurance, and now a free, on-site, health clinic were all approved without question. After all, as Mayor Hiremath says, "We don't want to get into the weeds."

Residents have been complaining about all the new apartments. The mayor's response is that "apartments are noted in the General Plan." However, every apartment complex now

underway on Oracle road required a re-zoning; a vote that was contrary to the established land use noted in the General Plan.

At a candidate forum on 7/24/14, the mayor said that, "civility, integrity, and teamwork are emotional words and political terms." Most people believe that these words represent values, not political rhetoric. We need a mayor who will promote harmony, teamwork, and civility. Our current mayor does just the opposite. He even had the audacity to state that if you do not agree with him, then you need to "consider your own judgment and sensibilities." (Explorer 12/27/13).

Mayor Hiremath's actions over the past four years have been neither responsible nor respectful, and show a complete lack of integrity. Do we desire this man to continue as our mayor? The choice is ours. Please join me in voting Pat Straney for Mayor of Oro Valley.

Art Segal

Oro Valley

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A Citizen

Unfortunately for Art Segal, I think the citizens of this town remember how the last two guys (Zinkin and Burns) he supported for town council turned out...


Mr. Segal,

I'm thankful we all live in a country where we can voice our opinions, no matter how obscure they may be. On behalf of the many Oro Valley residents who love our beautiful town and the many new amenities provided over the last four years I say, "GET A CLUE"!

Your comments are exaggerated and unprofessional! I have watched many of the council meeting you refer to and it is obvious that your perception is much different. How can 3 council members demand items be placed in the budget and then vote against that budget? Is that productive? If the Mayor called the County Attorney because a Council Member is not residing in the Town .... GOOD FOR HIM! That council member is deceiving me as a resident and should not in the position!

Over the last four years we have received a new aquatic center, new park, better public transportation, award for the safest community and improvements to our award winning Police Department just to name a few. Yet you chastise him for taking a leadership role in our community to make it better!

I have never met the Mayor but as woman I am proud he took a stance against harassment of all types! THAT type of behavior cannot be tolerated in our Town. I have never met your candidate Mr. Straney, but from watching his leadership style in the debates, it is clear it take Oro Valley back 10 years! Is that what we want?

As a long time resident of Oro Valley and a Mother, I'm happy and proud of the direction of our town and I want it to continue! Perhaps you should look at other communities to live in Mr. Segal, as your arrogance is unproductive and certainly not progressive.

Michelle Martinez


Mr. Segal has a long, documented history of bending, stretching and completely avoiding the truth. He is a master at taking a sentence out of context in order to totally distort the meaning. Other than that you can take his word on some things.

A brief look at Segal's history of endorsing candidates reveals that he endorsed/supported:

A candidate with outstanding warrants for AZ Game and Fish violations and who had been arrested for some domestic issues.
A candidate and later councilmember who alledgedly slept with the Town Manager while she was still married. They both later resigned and married.
A councilmember indicted for 1st degree bruglary and disorderly conduct.
A councilmember who cost the Town of Oro Valley nearly $9000 to investigate his questionable conduct..The Editor of this publication stated: "a third party investigation revealed the allegations were likely true."
A councilmember who stated that the police department were a bunch of prima donnas and thugs.
A councilmember he later refered to as a loser when she wouldn't 'toe the line'.

My take.....if Segal endorses someone, vote for the other person.

Vote for Hiremath, Hornat, Snider and Waters!!!


This comment took over three days to show up on another Explorer article. Since we are sharing our thoughts about Mr. Straney, thought it could be shared again:

Mr. Straney talks of having the ability to bring people together and being able to sit down at the table and have meaningful conversation. As president of the Rancho Vistoso HOA, he won’t communicate with subjects of his kingdom directly. He is not accessible; he only communicates through the association manager or sends another board member to do his bidding. Ask some of the prior board members (especially the one who lost the last BOD election and another who abruptly resigned after that election) about the real Pat Straney. Some of the very people who support him now were very much in favor of term limits, they felt Pat had been in control way too long. A recent letter to the editor extoling Mr. Straney was authored by a former director who didn’t have kind words for Mr. Straney and accused Mr. Straney of being partially responsible for his health problems and felt Mr. Straney was unreasonable and difficult to work with. So much for Pat’s civility mantra!


I also read this article on the "Love" Blog and left a similar posting a I did here expressing concern. Oddly enough Mr. Furick deleted it shortly after it was posted. I was respectful, identified myself, voiced my opinion and welcomed comments, yet it was deleted. That simply proves the narrow and one sided mentality of those who support that blog and their candidates. Once again, unprofessional and arrogant much like this article.

This prove the effectiveness of the current Town leadership and energizes me to take a more active role against this type of mentality. Don't under estimate the power of a driven mother or an angry woman Mr. Segal and Mr. Furick.

ketjie williams

Art Segal and Richard Furash are the two most destructive people in Oro Valley. Do not believe one word they say. They have a vendetta against the police and will do anything to undermine our respected Police Chief Danny Sharp. Oro Valley needs a strong Mayor and that is what we have. Ask any of the town employees if they want Mayor Hiremath re elected and you will hear a resounding YES. Ask the policeman and the firemen if they want Satish re elected and you will hear a resounding YES. Anyone who really knows Dr. Hiremath loves him. These two negative voices are the last people you want to pay any attention to. Vote for Hiremath, Hornat, Waters and Snider !!


Mr. Segal, sorry to inform you of this, but your twisting of words and taking comments out of context with reference to Mayor Hiremath isn't fooling anyone outside of that foolish blog you frequent. You'd be better to waste your time there with the rest of those folks. In the past four years, the town has become more financially secure, built a new Aquatic Center, started work on Naranja Park, received an award for being the 8th safest community nationally, and continues to provide the quality of life we all desire. Those accomplishments are directly related to the leadership of the town, which starts with the Mayor.

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