On Tuesday, Feb. 5, the Ace Hardware store at First Avenue and Tangerine Road requested permission of the Oro Valley Planning Board to begin parking trucks in the Walgreen shopping center.  

The owner pointed out that signage on the trucks would bring business to the area.  He further pointed out that the other merchants there agree that parking these trucks there will not be a problem for their businesses. Unfortunately, only one person spoke out about the blight that truck storage can bring to such a location.  Truck storage also has serious environmental concerns, which are not addressed in this request.  

The Planning Board granted the owner a continuance for the hearing and it will be continued tentatively on March 5.  

It is unfortunate that every tiny variance must consume so much public time.  Some Oro Valley residents believe it is time to change the land-use law to demand a public referendum for each variance.  The land use law was adopted to plan Oro Valley intelligently. Do the residents have the courage to stick with that plan they voted for?


Paul Baker,

Oro Valley Resident

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