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Re: Cannot vote for Hiremath, July 23 - Maksim states that “Selecting a candidate for public office based purely on his/her support for same-sex unions is silly as selecting a candidate based purely on skin color or gender – witness our recent national experience with a sitting president and with a former Secretary of State.” Facts prove that the latter part of this statement is totally false. Facts show that the American people not only once, but twice, voted their conscience and selected Barack H. Obama & Joe Biden over John McCain and Sarah Palin and more recently over Mitt Romney (Mr. 47 percent) and Paul Ryan because past performance and the debates proved that the Obama-Biden team displayed the ability to better serve the American people. Ergo, skin color proved not to be the deciding factor but ability to do the job as displayed to the American people.

Since Maksim used the term “recent” in his assertion one might conclude that his reference is to Secretary H. Clinton, versus Condoleeza Rice, where the selection was based on Mrs. Clinton’s previous performance in the Senate, etc. By the way, critical reviews by governmental and non-governmental sources regarding “Benghazi” concluded that State Department officials were not at fault or derelict in their duties; military commanders et al testified to the Congressional Committee on the incident that air support to the region was not within a timely strike distance.

Maksim goes on to state that “I expect my elected officials to fix broken government ….” As such, one could reasonably conclude that he is quite disappointed with the current GOP-led Congress, which has passed the least legislation in the history of the Congress at a time when legislation is sorely needed to repair a broken Veterans Administration system, a broken Immigration policy, roads, bridges and infrastructures in need of repair, overhaul to our K-12 education system, etc.    


W. Wilson,

Oro Valley