Kudos to our state legislators for their backing Israel’s claim to the West Bank.  Now that they have expanded their interests beyond abortions and guns, perhaps they can let us know what they think about the situation in Ukraine, what is happening in Syria, Rwanda, the Boka Haram in Nigeria, Mexico’s decision on militias and other similar worldwide issues.

 They apparently don’t have any ideas, or time, concerning the local job market.


Jerry Lujan,


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Way to call it like it is Jerry! Arizona children rank 47th in economic well-being, 46th in education, 45th in health, and 46th in family and community support. 27 percent live in poverty and we all know the long-standing failure of our CPS to protect abused children. But hey, we are with Israel! What is wrong with our Legislature???? We need to get people in office who will work for the benefit of the people of Arizona!!

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