I am an Oro Valley resident who happens to rent the home that my family lives in. I am not always in tune with town politics because life in Oro Valley is wonderful. However, a recent guest editorial from Councilman Mike Zinkin did catch my eye. Councilman Zinkin is proposing a “renter’s tax”. I am puzzled as to why my household is being singled out for a tax increase. I live in Oro Valley, I shop in Oro Valley, I have been employed in Oro Valley and my children are products of Oro Valley schools. Mr. Zinkin is proposing use of rental tax revenue to increase services for its citizens, including improving parks, and arts and culture, to name a few. Why should a certain segment of our population (namely renters) be selected to pay a greater amount for the same services that all residents enjoy?

I now have learned that during the Sept. 18th council meeting, Mr. Zinkin apologized for misstating the facts that he used to support his argument for instituting a renter’s tax. Mr. Zinkin stated he learned that funds had already been set aside by the town to improve arts and culture. And further facts then presented by Councilman Hornat stated that funds for the programs that Mr. Zinkin featured in his editorial piece are also funded in the current budget, which he voted against.

I appreciate the wisdom of the four council members, Mayor Hirematch, Waters, Snider and Hornat, who voted to defeat any further action on this discriminatory renter’s tax.


Shelby Evenson,

Oro Valley

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