commend Linda Thomas’ contention that high expectations most often lead to high 

achievement in education.  It goes without saying that those who expect the best,

usually invest the most in terms of time, resources, and effort.  This goes for parents

as well as teachers and administrators. It sounds like common sense to me.

Explorer Guest Opinion Writer Richard Brinkley, on the other hand, questions the need for

school administrators to be certified.  I take it that he would like to bypass courses of study

designed by/for State Boards of Education, just as he would eschew state licensure requirements.

To be sure there are alternate pathways to certification for teachers and educational

administrators, but candidates are not simply picked up off the street.  Exceptional

applicants are carefully screened, their prescribed courses of study are often

condensed, but intensified and rigorous. Competency testing is de rigueur.

Some would throw out regulations in education just as certain Arizona legislators would dismiss licensing requirements for lawyers. What next? Doctors? Surgeons?


Laissez-faire attitudes may prove to be the new Arizona way, but I for one hope not!

Linda Thomas rightfully calls for high standards for teachers’ and administrators’ training. 

She asks that we embrace intelligent investments in leadership. This, the more cautious way,

is surely more foolproof in the long run. 

Our students deserve no less. 


Kathleen Pastryk, 

Oro Valley

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