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Open season on bald Caucasians


Is it open season on bald Caucasians?  That is the lesson learned from the recent murder trial of David Mota who shot and killed Joshua Switalski.   The two had had a verbal exchange after a near collision and, as Switalski was driving away to end the altercation, Mota shot and killed him.  After a short trial Mota was acquitted. Some jurors later said that their decision to find him not guilty was based on Arizona’s “Stand Your Ground law”.  

Maybe one doesn’t even have to be a bald Caucasian (look like a Skinhead?) to get shot in Arizona under the pretext of the Stand Your Ground law.  Quien sabe?

Maybe Switalski’s family can gain some satisfaction with a civil suit against Mota.

I write this letter with trepidation that I might suffer some repercussion from the gun crowd, as I have had in the past - by  having my car keyed,  received anonymous letters and an unsigned note left on my car - for speaking out on other issues.


Jerry Lujan,