Mr. Mayor! The election is over! You won!

This is not an issue about a trip or a detailed expense report, but rather an opportunity for Mayor Hiremath to continue the “bad blood” between him and Mike Zinkin.

In case you don’t already know, there are “sides” on this council as there were on the last four councils that I have been here for and that is fine as long as they work together now that they are seated members and not continue to “campaign” or mislead the public by making what should have been at worst a simple oversight issue handled in private into some kind of major scandal.

The Mayor himself admits that Councilman Zinkin did nothing wrong in taking the trip and Councilman Hornat said that he would have filed the same trip document. Councilman Zinkin, who was chosen for this trip, not only questioned the costs involved, but took action to lower the costs himself.

I don’t see any other reason for making this a headline story other than yet another attempt by this Mayor to engage in “gotcha” politics that does nothing positive for this community! Time for ALL parties to work together and find consensus that will move Oro Valley forward and bury the hatchet until the next election!


David Berry,

Oro Valley

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