Steve Smith is serious about stopping illegal immigration and believes in border fencing as an important part of the solution.  Smith led the effort in his time in the House and Senate to construct a border fence along our southern border funded by private donations – NOT taxpayer dollars. Sheriffs Joe Arpaio and Paul Babeu have endorsed Steve Smith because he is serious about solving a real crisis.

 Arizona’s leading free enterprise and taxpayer advocacy organizations have given Rep. Steve Smith numerous awards. The National Federation of Independent Businesses named Smith Guardian of Small Business while Americans for Prosperity has designated him Champion of the Taxpayer for his lifetime voting record. Voters of LD-11 are happy that Smith has been an advocate for small businesses and taxpayers.

I am pleased with Representative Smith and I’d wager the voters of his district are too. Rather than replacing Smith with a big-government corporate sympathizer who in my opinion will cost the district millions of tax dollars, weaken our schools and look the other way on border security, I will be voting for the candidate whose record has been consistently conservative on the issues important to LD-11. Steve Smith is that candidate and he has my support and the support of thousands of other voters.


Gary Miller,


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Wow! This letter to the editor could not be more biased and revisionist! The Arizona Capital Times reported on August 16, 2013, that Steve Smith had made zero progress since 2011 in his pledge to build the border fence other than raising a mere $275,000 (less than 10% of the GAO estimated cost to build one mile) and changing the name of his effort from Build America’s Fence to Secure America’s Border. Smith said he hadn't focused on fundraising but devoted his attention to discussions with logistics and lawyers, which took up most of his time.

One could ask just why Representative Smith spent so much time on border security when the most southern point of LD11 is at least 75 miles from the border. Maybe this contributed to his having the worst record for voting (missing 27.4%) in the 51st Legislature as reported by the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce.

He also is no friend of public schools and therefore 85% of the school children (and their families) in Arizona who still attend these schools. He voted in opposition to the Arizona School Board Association (Arizona's major proponent of local control of education) on every education bill last legislative session. Instead, he sided with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and corporate reformers, to help make Arizona #1 in the nation in per pupil cuts to K-12 education 2008 - 2013 and turn over our schools system to profiteers.

Steve Smith has been in the legislature since 2011 but what has he really done? He tried to get recalled Senator Russell Pierce reimbursed for his legal expenses, he backed SBs 1070 and 1062 which both made our state look bigoted and backward, and he hasn't produced one foot of border fence. LD11 has a myriad of important issues that we need our legislators to focus on. As one of his constituents, I say it is time to elect a senator that focuses on OUR concerns, not those of special interests!

kaf p

Why does Gary Miller think that Smith's opponent will weaken the schools? That makes no sense at all. Smith's opponent is Jo Holt whose signature issue is funding public schools, whereas Smith's party is the one that has held back public instruction's cost of living raises. Now that a Maricopa County judge has ruled that the money must be paid, they say they don't know where they're going to find it. Here's a hint: Look at the voucher offers that Superintendent of Public Instruction Huppenthal has make to pay for private education. Also look at corporate tax write offs. Stop pretending to be baffled. It's disingenuous.

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