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Hiremath has demonstrated leadership


A recent opinion here went on in some length about why she simply cannot vote for Mayor Hiremath. She went on and on about her dismay that our current mayor does not demonstrate “quality leadership on her key issues that affect her/our community.” 

She elaborated that she appeared before the town council with a couple of her buddies in December 2013. 

The “key issues” she raised then and continues to is, “marriage equality for same sex couples”. As if this should be on the mayor’s top priority list for Oro Valley and all of our tax-paying citizens.


In her perfect world, we citizens and apparently all mayors should forget about taxes, businesses, developing, policing, arts, culture, plans, and staff, (real city issues). Instead, we need to focus on helping her redefine marriage until this and other lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered feel better about themselves and their lives in our free country and city.

We simply must abandon the silly notion that we are “One Nation under God” or that Bibles and Christianity exists. She apparently hates these facts and how our God defines marriage. Real Christians stand firm on this and know that all truth comes from God – and that he defined marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman for a lifetime.

Just because some mayors are willing to join whatever club with whatever label this “movement” wants to apply, i.e. equality, rights, affordable etc… doesn’t mean they are correct in my God’s eyes or my own. 

Mayor Hiremath has clearly demonstrated successful leadership for our town and he and his team clearly deserves re-election. We don’t have to look too far south to see failure and a mayor in her “club” Rothschild.

In closing, if she dislikes Oro Valley and our Leadership so much, she is free to move.

Just saying, 


Ed Moore,

Oro Valley