Just finished reading the Explorer “We Say” section by Thelma Grimes in 13 Feb 2013 edition concerning the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  Thelma says: “Really, we shouldn’t even be discussing it had lawmakers done their jobs and passed it in 2011.”   Well, Thelma, they didn’t, so that means we shouldn’t discuss it now?  Pass laws without discussion?  She goes on to blame the Republicans.  As I understand it the Republican House passed a version in 2012, which the Democratic Senate refused to appoint conferees to work out any differences.  The Senate just passed their version this week.  The House may wish to “discuss” this bill - wow.  Additionally, Senator Hatch (R-UT), one of the original proponents of the law in 1994, voted against this version.  I wonder why?  Perhaps there is the concern that breaches of the law on tribal lands be tried in tribal courts.  Courts that may not be bound by all the Constitutional protections of due process.  This can all be worked out, but it is certainly worthy of “discussion”.  Thelma, it’s time move beyond your version of partisan politics.  It’s not helping.


Bob O’Brien,


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