In Regards to Al Melvin’s tirade on Democrats

Just when I think that Al can’t insert his foot any further into his mouth, he surprises me by  proving me wrong. Where to begin is hard to decide. But I’ll do the easiest ones.

(1) He along with Mitt, think that if you’re in the 47%, you are a slacker and dependent on the Gov’t, now it’s not just that, but our K-12 education had failed the whole country because they voted Democrat. He calls them, (me) a lack of educated voters. I guess Al then the majority of the voters who voted for Bush were educated voters? Does that not mean that the same majority who voted Democrats in the last election were also educated votes or do you get to pick who is considered educated and who is not. The next time he calls a trades person to fix something gone wrong I suggest he first ask if they have more then a K -12 education. (2) He thinks that charter school or basis schools are the answer, but do they take all children, do they have certified teachers, are they accountable to the County Superintendent, or State Superintendent? (3) He blames Gov. Napolitano for all our troubles, but on the national stage President Bush had nothing to do with our financial meltdown. (4) He remembers the Democratic party of John Kennedy or Scoop Jackson, but he doesn’t mention President Eisenhower, or even Bob Dole. Al likes to pick things out of thin air and call them facts, or good things. (5) He still has not realized that there is no thing called Obama Care. Its proper name is Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Al just can’t come to terms that the Affordable Care Act is now law. If he wants to call things by other then their true name, maybe he should call Social Security (Roosevelt Care) and Medicare (Johnson Care). Al thinks himself a Constitutional scholar, but the Supreme Court has proven different. Last, he thinks the way out of our troubles is to just cut business taxes again.

Clyde R. Steele,



Opposing AL Melvin

write in response to Thelma Grimes’ recent editorial article about State Senator Al Melvin. It is nothing but an advertisement and endorsement from your paper for the candidate Melvin. The article paints him as a Tea Party Candidate of the Republican Party. That puts me on the opposite side of every issue from him. What I resent the most is his, and or the writer’s, ignorance when it referred to Senator “Scoop” Jackson as “Scoop” Johnson. That’s typical of the Tea Party Cadidates with no preparation and knowledge of government; however, it should have been up to the reporter to have caught the stupid error and corrected it. Thank You.


Larry M. O’Daniels,



Restore the equilibrium

The Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) presents historical data on depression/recession periods America has experienced. It shows that all republican Presidents since the late 1920s have started at least one recession. This is a flaw in the republican Economic Model, which the GOP will not acknowledge, because it compensates their donors who finance their elections. Other parties are guilty too. It is their voters who are being duped. How can they expect a different outcome after decades of the same “trickle down” economics?

I have applied the knowledge I learned in graduate school taught by Ivy League professors to find out why the Party economic model does not work.  It is not rocket science; just the principles of supply, demand and efficiency when applied to the Gross National Product (GNP). The GNP is the value of all goods  and services produced over a given time period. The demand represents the great American consumer, the middle class. The point where the supply and demand curves meet is called the “optimal point” for maximum efficiency.  There is no need for continued supply when there is diminished demand. Equilibrium must be achieved without Government influencing the supply-side or the demand-side data. Like the “teeter-totter” in grade school, it must be balanced level in equilibrium between supply and demand.

But the republicans always legislate for the supply-side like for tobacco, oil, pharmaceuticals, coal, etc.  This tips the scales on the teeter-totter, causing an imbalance and a less efficient GNP.  This leads to, at best, a weakened economy and, at worst, recessions, even depressions. 

Legislation for the supply-side should be balanced with legislation for the demand-side such as increased minimal pay rates, more good jobs, job retraining, higher education opportunities, reduced regressive taxes, etc.  When equilibrium is restored to the teeter-totter, everyone can participate in the American dream without economic disruptions. 

Benjamin F. Love,

Oro Valley


A response to Mr. Lujan

In light of Jerry Lujan’s ridiculous rantings over Mitt Romney’s tax returns, legal residence, and supposed stage 2 Alzheimers, I think it’s important to remind everyone of a couple key points.  

Firstly, Romney has released some of his tax returns, unlike Mr. Lujan claims.  His 2011 returns were made public just last month (they can be found in detail online), and a summary of the previous ten years was also disclosed.  There is no evidence that Romney ever cheated on his taxes, and a sizeable percentage of his income (around 15%) is donated to charity.  

Secondly, before we start accusing Mitt Romney of being a liar, I’d like to recall a few of the promises Barack Obama has made over the last four years.  

In 2008, then Senator Obama promised that if elected president, he would cut our deficit in half by the end of his first term.  Well, time’s nearly up, and we still have trillion dollar deficits.  In addition, we haven’t had a Federal budget for three years, and our national debt has grown by over 6 trillion; he lied.  Obama also promised during the campaign that his administration would be the most open and transparent in history.  What we’ve seen is exactly the opposite (think Fast and Furious and Solyndra); he lied.  

The President also promised that if we passed the stimulus package, national unemployment wouldn’t go above 8 percent.  It has now been over 8 percent for 44 straight months; again, he lied.  The list goes on and on.  If there’s anybody in this campaign who has lied to the American people and broken his word, it’s President Barack Obama.  He has utterly failed to deliver on his promises and has completely polarized Washington with his divisive rhetoric and closed-door governing.  It is time for a new president.  It is time to elect Mitt Romney.


Nicholas Farnsworth,



Support Nancy Young Wright

support Nancy Young Wright for Pima County Board of Supervisors in District 1 because she has served the public interest with integrity. I know this because I have seen her in action.

Nancy was elected to the Amphitheater School Board in 1997 at a time when the Board no longer represented their constituents with integrity. Nancy faced opposition from the existing Board in her attempts to return the District to fiscal responsibility, lower class sizes and reinstate the call to the audience. She eventually prevailed, and as a parent of Amphitheater students, she earned my gratitude.

Several years later, I was elected to the Board and served with Nancy for the next four years. She served the District with intelligence and integrity. She demanded the taxpayers’ money be used wisely and for the greatest benefit to the students. She dealt with issues in a professional manner, not only during the public portion of our meetings, but also during executive sessions that were not open to public scrutiny. 

As a fellow school board member, Nancy earned my respect.  

Nancy is an independent minded public servant who has no fear of challenging the status quo. She has served our community as a champion for parks and open spaces and as a state legislator who fought to maintain and improve funding for our public schools and roads. As a resident of Pima County, Nancy Young Wright has earned my vote. She deserves yours as well.


Patricia Clymer,



Two party politics suffocating the country

It’s not a revolutionary statement that the two-party system we have dominating politics in our country is a recipe for dangerous stagnation. It must have become evident to even the most fervent supporter of either party that on major issues they differ little. War and the ability to declare it outside the purview of congress. Healthcare, both parties presented or implemented plans written for insurance companies that are all but identical. In an unfortunate reality both have embraced non-disclosed outside funding sources.

Vanishing civil liberties and constitutional rights; we have slipped into the most pervasive and omnipresent surveillance state imaginable, but you wouldn’t know it, as both sides will never utter a word against each other on a public stage. Both parties are owned by corporate interests and as such in very large, very important areas of policy, we the people, have zero influence. This November consider for once not voting out of fear, or for the lesser of two evils, consider one of the three relatively high profile third party candidates. 

Look up their names if for nothing more than to know they exist and what they stand for: Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Rocky Anderson. I am tired of political theater where one party consistently blames another for unwillingness to be bi-partisan and ends up achieving the same goal: confusion. Tri-partisanship seems unrealistic, but lets force the issue.


David Hymers,



A cue from Obama

There he goes again. Taking his cue from Obama campaign talking points, prolific letter writer Jerry Lujan repeats the current democrat mantra “Romney lied.” He makes no attempt to defend Obama’s disastrous record of failure, preferring instead to attack Romney asking “How can we trust you?”

The far more important question is how can we trust Mr. Obama in the wake of his many broken promises including cutting the deficit in half in four years or as he said, “This will be a one term deal.” Let’s hold him to that vision.

Robert Key,



What’s left to debate?

Why should we expect our politicians to be accountable? Sure, many politicians today argue accountability for public workers who need to prove the value of their work. State workers are expected to prove that they are effective workers or be terminated. 

Just because politicians are state workers too, does not automatically mean they should be voted out of office. Consider the Arizona State Legislature, or at least my state senator, Al Melvin, and their performance over the past few years.

1. The level of state education has sunk over the past few years. Arizona schools now rate last in the nation and college funding is regularly reduced.

2. Arizona is now the second poorest state in the nation. Personal income remains 15 percent below the national average. Health care for many residents remains a problem. The legislature has removed 280,000 citizens from the Medicaid roles to save $541 million.

3. All this raiding of state funds for healthcare and education has caused Moody’s to downgrade the Arizona Department of Transportation bonds and increase the future interest charged for fixing our roads. 

Why blame the Arizona legislators who never acknowledge these problems? Surely there must be a long list of contributors to our problems. Do we really believe that the past poor performances of legislators, like Al Melvin, really matter much when we cast our ballot? 

I suppose some fellow citizens would even want to blame those who vote for poor performing legislators as responsible for Arizona’s problems. Why even debate it?


Paul Baker,

Oro Valley



Voting for Wright

Ann Day has served Pima County’s District One with distinction. I hope Supervisor District One voters make the choice to continue Ann Day’s moderate legacy with a vote for Nancy Young Wright. I first met Nancy when she helped start the parks board in Oro Valley when our children were in preschool together. She does her homework. I’ve worked on community and education projects with her over the last twenty-five years and I can say without a doubt that no one works harder. I’m proud to support Nancy Young Wright.


Marge Pellegrino,



Sen. Melvin does not support education

Your September 26th Explorer ran an article about State Senator Al Melvin (R-SaddleBrooke) and his continued lack of financial support for K-12 public education.  His preference keeps AZ near the bottom nationwide in its per-pupil spending. Public education’s importance in my mind is as a linchpin for democracy—an educated informed electorate helps hold together the essential elements of democracy.  And public education can train for jobs needed for a healthy economy for Arizona’s future.

I have more problems with his policy preferences.  Last January he made headlines urging Arizona to take the nation’s nuclear waste.  Where in Arizona does he want to locate a repository?  Since much of the US’s radioactive waste comes from electrical generating facilities on either coast, does he want that high level nuclear waste transported by barge down the coasts, and then what?  Would he move it by rail or trucks to its final home in Arizona?


Judy Kany,



Wright for District 1

With her bipartisan support, Democrat Nancy Young Wright is the best choice for Pima County Supervisor in District 1. I’ve known Nancy since she served on the Amphitheater School Board as our sons attended Amphi schools. She listens to all sides, does her research, works hard, and reaches across party lines to achieve the best results for Pima County taxpayers. As a registered independent, I’ll cast my vote for Nancy Young Wright to take the seat of retiring Republican Supervisor Ann Day.


Susan Pennacchini,

Oro Valley


Reelect Barack Obama

While you have ably covered the upcoming election, I feel you should better highlight some important context. Four years ago, America faced its greatest economic crisis in generations. Employment was plummeting, and a second Great Depression appeared possible.

Since taking office, President Obama has worked tirelessly to stabilize the economy and rebuild America’s middle-class. This hasn’t always been easy, but we are moving in the right direction. We now have steady job growth, and recovery is underway.

Now Mitt Romney proposes a return to the Bush-era policies of cutting taxes for millionaires and giving freer reign to Wall Street that led us into this mess. This didn’t work before, and it won’t work now.

I urge your readers to vote for Barack Obama.


Andrew Mills,



Democrats with flags live in SaddleBrooke

live in SaddleBrooke, in Pinal County. It is a Democratic Community; drive through the community, and everywhere you see a US Flag flying, you know a Democrat lives there. 


Jack Walden,


(1) comment


This in response to Jack Walden comment in SaddleBrooke about flying the American flag. We fly the American flag 24/7 because we are proud and love our country very much. We do not fly our flag because we belong to any special political party. So Jack all I can say is there is no fool like a old fool. Genevieve Stone SaddleBrooke

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