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I can’t thank Randy Park enough for reading my letter and engaging in a discussion about energy. It seems as though he may have missed the point of my letter cataloging that the U.S. is currently enjoying a domestic oil production boom in times of high gas prices, and future prospects are not likely to keep pace with demand.

Without some sort of law barring domestic oil companies selling oil and refined products on the international market there is no way to stop domestic oil reserves from leaving the country. Although, it’s a quaint thought, oil companies won’t choose patriotism over profits unless forced.

Offshore oil reserves in the U.S. are sometimes touted as those requiring more exploration and development. Not a bad idea, but don’t be fooled by oil industry rhetoric. Unrestricted leases containing a potential (surveyed, not proven recoverable) 85bn barrels are currently held and are not being developed. The reason oil company lobbyists want you to believe they need more leases, so they can leave them idle, is that their stock price is heavily dictated by their potential reserves.

Offshore reserves currently being explored in the Atlantic and Pacific are much smaller than those in the Gulf of Mexico, meaning they are less profitable to develop, requiring more rigs and all associated costs.

There is no magic panacea for rising energy prices, the supply side of the equation is becoming harder to squeeze, the demand side is where the major work will be done in the coming years, with or without our action.

David Hymer, Marana

Management Study is good management

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?  Don’t even look at it?  Really?  Is that what passes for responsible management of the town’s resources?  All of the town’s departments can be examined except the police?

The Oro Valley Police Department takes almost half of the town’s budget.  This exceeds by far the norm for a town this size.

Would this same attitude prevail if 60-70 percent of the budget went to the department?  Where is the cutoff in this town and on this council between acquiescence and concern?

 Trust me, I’m no follower of Grover Norquist but, we cannot throw out fiscal responsibility because we are talking about a law enforcement agency.

I thought that I lived in the land of conservatives.  After all, last year’s whining over a modest water fee increase could be heard across the state.  Had we done the management study earlier, who knows, maybe all that gnashing of teeth could have been avoided.


 Dana Whitson, Oro Valley

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J Connor

It's a nice scam the Oro Valley PD have going on. Why do you think they're nationally known for speed traps? The only reason the OVPD tickets speeders on those artificially low speed limits and give no leeway is due to corruption and greed. I've seen their cops violate multiple traffic laws but they do nothing about it because their attitude is that they're above the law and the people are there's to fleece and to intimidate. Add to the mix the fact that they will not allow you to view the radar gun and the reviewing supervisor will always take the side of his cops about the truth. They don't give a damn about safety, it's all money. It's time the Chief admits it publicly and take the hit for it come budget time.

Dana Whitson

I'd like to make it clear, after writing that letter, I have no ax to grind against the police dept. My encounters with them have actually been reasonably positive. I've been ticketed for speeding...would have appreciated a warning but, in all honesty, agree that the ticket was appropriate. The officer was actually exceedingly polite and I appreciated it. My wife has also experienced a similiar encounter w/ an appropriate warning.
My letter wasn't about performance of the OVPD. My gripe is about an inappropriately sized budget that our council has been unwilling to review or evaluate via a management study.


Dana, thanks for the clarification about not having an ax to grind with OVPD. However, it seems you have an pressing need to keep writing letters to the editor to support a management study, which is your right. As this being your second letter, I feel compelled to ask where or who is supplying this budget information regarding the PD? It is inaccurate. The police budget is 12 million dollars of the total town's budge of 95 million. That is no where near the "nearly half of the budget" that you describe. I also believe that they are not even the most expensive service department in the town. I don't think that remarkable considering they are the only 24/7/364 department in the town. Please, check your facts and/or your source. The town budget is available for viewing on the TOV web page. You can also view the ORO VALLEY TRUTH blog...there is a FACT page with a link to it.

Roger should read "I think that is remarkable..."

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